Personal Whitening Set Bundle

Personal Whitening Set Bundle

Personal Whitening Set Bundle


Fiore Bello personal whitening set is your go to “do it at home facial”. Each product is formulated and specifically designed to improve complexion, balance skin tone, reduce dark spots, pigmentation and control the melanin production. This bundle includes: Fair Skin Cleanser, Deep Face Scrub, White Night Cream and White Day Cream.

. Fiore Bello Fair Skin Cleanser gently removes all impurities and with its specialized formula balances the skin tone and brightens complexion

. Fiore Bello Deep Face Scrub is a premium exfoliator that thoroughly unclogs your pores and removes all impurities. It instantly improves complexion, reduces skin dullness and promotes moisture restoration

. Fiore Bello White Night Cream regulates melanin with its rich whitening, moisturizing and regenerating ingredients such as Shea butter, Jojoba Oil and Mulberry root extract. With its specialized formula this cream brightens your complexion and also helps maintain the cellular balance of the skin, giving you a youthful and radiant complexion

. Fiore Bello Day Cream ensures a glowing and protected complexion throughout the day. It provides UV resistance through SPF-30. This multipurpose cream not only protects your skin but keeps it moisturized and regulates the melanin through its skin tone balancing formula



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